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Frequently Asked Questions

Booksio connects authors, readers, and charities to share stories and support our communities.
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    How can I become a Booksio author?

    If you want to connect with our Booksio audience, give back, and do good in the world. Submit your information to join the Booksio family. Fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you with next steps ASAP.
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    Which charities does Booksio support?

    As a Booksio author, you can specify the charity supported by your branded store. Otherwise, the donations from guest purchases all go to Booksio’s featured charity, which changes each month. Booksio account holders can select from more than 100 partner organizations to support with their purchases.
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    Are purchases compatible with my device?

    Booksio audiobooks are compatible with all mobile devices, and our digital magazines and books can be accessed through the Booksio app on iOS and Android or via any web browser. SEE MORE FAQs