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 Booksio has more than just books. Our catalog has more than 18 million print, audio, and ebooks, plus print and digital magazines from top publishers. Join Booksio to explore new frontiers, travel back in time, or visit familiar friends — all while supporting the organizations you care about most.

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As a Booksio member, you get even more. Tell us about the books and authors you love, and we’ll provide recommended reads you won’t be able to put down. You’ll also get access to great Booksio content, exclusive offers, and more! And if you want to help promote a charity or cause, our affiliate tools can help you go farther.

“I love Booksio! I read at least ten new books each month, and now
I can help my favorite charity with the money I was already spending.
Thank you for making it so easy to give back!”

Kate M.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Booksio work?

We’ve partnered with Givz to donate 10% of every sale. All you have to do is find a book or magazine you want to read, complete your purchase, and we’ll do the rest!

Which charities does Booksio support?

Each month we highlight a new featured charity to receive 10% of the proceeds from all guest purchases. When you join Booksio, you can select from our list of more than 100 partner organizations as your preferred charity in your profile.

Are Booksio purchases compatible with my device?

Booksio audiobooks are compatible with all mobile devices, and our digital magazines and books can be accessed via any web browser. iOS users can also read their purchased books through the Booksio app.

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