Information Now, Second Edition

Upson Matt Luetkenhaus Holly Hall C Michael Cannon Kevin
"Since its original publication in 2015, Information Now has helped college students address this fundamental issue in the form of a short, humorous graphic guide. It explains how information is organized, both on the open web and in library resources, and how to navigate those sources to find good, trustworthy answers. But the information landscape has changed dramatically in just a few years, and this revised edition explores new questions about who has access to information and about algorithmic bias in how search engines present results. The book also covers online misinformation and offers simple strategies for fact-checking websites. In addition to this expanded topical coverage, the new edition includes revised critical thinking exercises in every chapter to help students feel more engaged in improving the information landscape"--




Today's information environments are complex, and learning how to find relevant and reliable information online, as well as how to fact-check and evaluate that information, is essential. Enter Information Now, a graphic guide that uses humor and sequential art to teach students about information, research, and the web.

This second edition of the popular guide incorporates critical analysis of information systems, asking students to think about the biases and problems in how databases and search engines are designed and used. It also addresses how different populations of people are disproportionately affected by the algorithmic biases built into information systems. And it includes revised critical thinking exercises in every chapter.

Written and revised by library professionals, Information Now is a fun and insightful tool for high school and college students, writers, and anyone wanting to improve their research skills.

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Publisher University of Chicago Press
ISBN-10 022676611X
ISBN-13 9780226766119
GTIN-13 9780226766119
GTIN-14 09780226766119
Subtitle A Graphic Guide to Student Research and Web Literacy
Author Upson Matt|Luetkenhaus Holly|Hall C Michael|Cannon Kevin
Edition 2
Language Code eng
Page Count 136
Publication Date May 19, 2021
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