Here at Booksio, each month we’ll highlight a specific charitable theme close to our hearts, and the highlighted organization(s) with the core mission to improve and address it. 10% of your sales will automatically go to making a difference towards our theme, so sit back, shop, and let us take care of the rest! If another cause or charity is dearer to your heart, just visit your account profile and pick a charity from our approved list.

Thank you for joining the Booksio community and making an impact on the world around you.



Featured Books
  1. Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat

    Hal Herzog

  2. The Animals Are Leaving Us

    Martin Rowe

  3. Antiracism in Animal Advocacy

    Jasmin Singer, Aryenish Birdie, Michelle Rojas-Soto

  4. Once Upon a Time We Ate Animals

    Roanne Van Voorst, Scott Emblen-Jarrett

  5. Funny Farm

    Laurie Zaleski, Erin Moon

  6. Justice for Animals

    Martha C. Nussbaum, Amanda Carlin

  7. Fuzz

    Mary Roach

  8. If Nietzsche Were a Narwhal

    Justin Gregg

Causes we’re focused on every month.

Each month we’ll highlight a specific charitable theme close to our hearts
  • January
    Preserving Democracy

    American Civil Liberties Union
    Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • February
    Black Lives Matter

    Equal Justice Initiative
    Thurgood Marshall College Fund
    National Civil Rights Museum
  • March
    Women’s Equality

    Flo Charlotte
    Girls Who Code
    Planned Parenthood
  • April
    Earth Day, Every Day

    Clean Air Task Force
    Environmental Defense Fund
    Nature Conservancy
  • May
    Finding the Cure (Cancer Research)

    City of Hope
    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    Leukemia-Lymphoma Society
  • June
    LGBTQIA+ Pride and Juneteenth

    National Center for Transgender Equality
    Point Foundation
    Trevor Project
  • July
    Celebrate the Arts

    Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Metropolitan Opera Association
    Young Musicians Unite
  • August
    Supporting Our Veterans

    Heart of the Horse Therapy
    Hope for the Warriors
    United Services Organization
  • September
    Back to School for All

    Book Trust
    Step Up for Students
    Teach For America
  • October
    Making A Global Impact

    Charity: Water Doctors Without Borders Smile Train
  • November
    Everyone Deserves A Home (homelessness)

    Covenant House
    Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia
    Struggles to Strengths
  • December
    The Gift of Fun

    Babe Ruth League, Inc.
    Child’s Play
    Marines’ Toys for Tots